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High-quality fitness and sports materials

Sportcentrum Winkel

Stefan delivered 25 new Quinn indoorcycles to my sports center, according to the agreement. The previous route to delivery also went very well with Stefan. Spinning is and will always be a popular group lesson, but it must be done on bikes that are of excellent quality in relation to the price. Robust, sturdy, pleasant to adjust the sitting position and resistance knob. And what is certainly not unimportant is maintenance both hygienically and materially. That is, do not show any defects and if some mechanical defect is found, it will be remedied quickly. Quinn also has a strong point in that regard. After a call or nowadays an app, one comes quickly into action and immediately resolved by appointment. However, mechanical defects are rare. I had few problems in the year and a half. The bikes get their best, lessons are well to very well occupied, 12 lessons a week. All in all, I am very satisfied with Quinn’s indoorcycles and contact with Stefan.

Rob Luyten


CareFit4All in Haaksbergen is a small-scale sports center for young and old and has an extensive package of exercise and fitness programs, including group lesson CareFitcycle. The bikes were supplied by Quinn-sports in Almelo because of the good service, maintenance and quality that this company provides. We are extremely proud of our bikes and receive many compliments from our customers. Feel free to come and try the bikes in our sports center and be just as enthusiastic.

– José Karnebeek

Sportcentrum BeActive

Since October 2014 we have had our spinning bikes through Quinn Sports. The bicycles have been marked as very good by us and our customers from day 1. Maintenance of the bicycles is always carried out professionally and questions are always answered quickly. A warm contact with the employees when the weather comes.

– Niels de Jong

Fitnessclub Vitamin D

I am a Cycling Trainer at the Fitness Club Vitamin D. in Ibbenbüren and I am also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the wheels. The wheels of the company Quinn are very well built from the basic concept. There is not much plastic on the wheels, so it can not break off and everything is very stable. The wheels run very quietly and, above all, evenly. The resistance can be adjusted to the smallest nuances and is unbreakable.

The settings are to be adjusted step-free to any size and so allow the wheels a cycling hour with all techniques and a high load. It has happened to us that the bearings have to be replaced, probably due to the humidity associated with the ventilation system in our classroom. However, a message or a call is enough and the same day, or just a few days later the mechanic comes by. He is also personally available at any time, if sometimes minor repairs or care of the wheels are pending, which I then carry out myself. The service of Quinn is very good and I have not experienced it in this form yet.

So basically we are very happy with the bikes and very pleasantly surprised by Quinn’s good and, above all, fast service.

– Sonja Klaus